Merrybeth Farm


Merrybeth Farm Carriage Service

Merrybeth Farm Carriage Service

Merrybeth Farm offers an old-fashioned coaching experience for your pleasure.

Planning a reunion, an anniversary, a birthday, or a company event?

Choose from a variety of carriages, a smaller express wagon, or even a hay rack! Merrybeth Farm has them all.

Our Coachman

Mr. Martin Saupe is the coachman for Merrybeth Farm.

We are very proud to have him as part of our service. Martin has many years of coach driving experience.

He can ensure a fun, comfortable and safe ride for you and your loved ones.

Our Horses

Enjoy a peaceful ride behind our beautiful Clydesdale, Jill or our Morgan team, Rooster and the Dove! Rooster and Dove are almost 4 years old and they love getting out ahead of one of our carriages.

Yes, petting and meeting the horses is part of a Merrybeth Farm ride, in fact it's encouraged. Our horses love making new friends.

Old-Fashioned Romance

Imagine a romantic ride, complete with champagne and flowers. Make your engagement proposal unforgettable!

A carriage ride is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary.

Someone new in your life whom you need to impress? Just call Merrybeth Farm!

Great Family Fun

Our Hay Wagon and our small Express Wagon can provide great entertainment for family reunions, birthday parties or company picnics.

What's better than casual country charm to make the day a wonderful experience.

Just call Merrybeth Farm or drop us an email at [email protected].

Contact Merrybeth Farm: 217-369-4205  or [email protected]

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