Merrybeth Farm


About Merrybeth Farm

Merrybeth Farm Carriage Service is owned by the Saupes. Beth and Martin, along with their horses, chickens and goats live near Champaign, Illinois - just west of Bondville.

Both are excited about sharing their horses with other people and will do everything they can to meet your expectations.

Meeting expectations isn't hard with a beautiful people-friendly Clydesdale named Jill and two 4-year-old Morgan horses named Rooster Cogburn and Lonesome Dove.

If you're curious about the name "Merrybeth" - spelled with an "e" - well it's a good story. Beth has owned a horse since she was seven years old and she is almost never grumpy. So the name Merrybeth stands for Happy Girl. Beth grew up on a farm and according to the neighbors was always singing while riding her pony!

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217-369-4205  or

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